Driving Truck Tyre Routine Maintenance Is Also An Important Maintenance

Summer road surface temperature is often above 70 ℃, a long time in the hot summer driving Driving Truck Tyre is a test. Improper use of the degree of wear and tear, there is a risk of puncture. Today and we talk about the small knowledge of summer Driving Truck Tyre.

General knowledge of car Driving Truck Tyre in summer

Summer road pavement temperatures are often above 70 ° C, and for long periods of time in hot summer cars, Driving Truck Tyre that are damaged or have weakness are prone to puncture or rapid wear due to excessive tire pressure. Affected by the temperature, the tire will automatically expand the gas, tire pressure will rise from 2.3 kg to 3 kg or more, in order to ensure tire pressure, it is recommended to fill nitrogen in summer, filling pressure should be reduced by about 10%. It is advisable to check the tire pressure once a month, and the time to check is best before the car starts in the morning, because the tire will cool down after running for 4 hours, and the measured pressure is the most accurate. If the tire pressure to let go of some gas, until the tire pressure and standard air pressure match, such as lower than the standard need qi.

Be careful to prevent overuse

In the summer when driving at high speed, should travel for a while, cool in the cool side of the tire. Hot afternoon when driving, should be appropriate to reduce the speed. Pay attention to the carrying capacity of the tire, do not overload. This will allow the tire pressure to remain normal, and will not be overused. There are often ways to prevent over-use, often after a certain period of time on the tire transposition, so that the four wheel wear and tear balance.

When the summer parking, the car should be parked in the absence of sunshine for a long time exposure to the place, because long-term exposure to the sun in the sun, the tire rubber by ultraviolet light will lead to tire Driving Truck Tyre aging, the risk of puncture also increased The In addition, the parking should ensure that all four stops at the same level of the ground, must not parked in a high and one low on the road. Otherwise, the Driving Truck Tyre at the lowest point will be subject to excessive pressure, resulting in deformation of the tire wire inside the tire damage.

The owner of the tire on a regular basis to clean up to prevent the tread groove trench in the presence of foreign body, to remove the tread groove groove in the stone or foreign body, so as not to deformation of the tire crown. Check whether the tire sidewall cut, stabbed, whether the exposed cord, if it should be replaced. If found nails and other foreign matter into the Driving Truck Tyre, do not panic, do not rush out, should immediately go to the professional tire shop for help.

It is especially important to prevent puncture

The accident caused by the puncture in the summer is high in the highway accident. Tire wear and tear, resulting in the carcass is too thin, the tire inside the constant heat, this time it is easy to pierce the object, coupled with the summer weather overheating, which is likely to puncture. However, in addition, the tire burst is also related to several factors below.

Tire pressure is insufficient. If the tire pressure is insufficient, easy to bend the sidewall of the tire and burst. If the road before the inflatable, because the valve wear and dust and lead to tire leakage, tire tire pressure is too low, but also easily lead to puncture. Tire pressure is too high. So that the tire defects (such as the previous site of injury) burst, hot weather in the summer or a long time when driving, this situation is more common. Vehicle overload. The overload of the vehicle for the tire is self-evident, in addition to trucks, in fact, the car should also prevent too many people and things are stuffed into the car. High speed passing through sharp objects. Vehicles at high speed, the tire and the road on the sharp stones or other sharp objects caused by friction and then blow the tire is also a common cause of the accident.

Finally, do not often carry out rapid acceleration, emergency braking and emergency steering and other abnormal driving, this will cause the tire abrupt deformation, easy to wear too fast, resulting in tire burst.