Radial Agricultural Tyre Proper Use And Maintenance

The Radial Agricultural Tyre is an important part of the agricultural machinery walking system, which directly affects the performance of all kinds of vehicles, the correct use and maintenance of Radial Agricultural Tyres, prolong the service life of the tyre, and it is very important for the use of agricultural machinery. The length of the tyre service life is related to the quality of the tyre, but also with the correct use and maintenance.

Causes and prevention methods of Radial Agricultural Tyre wear

First, the cause of Radial Agricultural Tyre wear.

Radial Agricultural Tyre pressure too low will affect their service life, but also unfavorable safe driving. Radial Agricultural Tyre internal pressure too low or overload will greatly increase the stress and deformation of the Radial Agricultural Tyre body, so that the Radial Agricultural Tyre with the ground area between the mechanical friction and the internal friction of the carcass intensified, causing Radial Agricultural Tyre wear and damage. The Radial Agricultural Tyre inner pressure is too high, will increase the stress of the Radial Agricultural Tyre ply, increase the shear stress between the Radial Agricultural Tyres, the stiffness of the carcass increases, the ground area is reduced, and the Radial Agricultural Tyre use performance deterioration and wear and damage. The scientific inflation standard should be: the standard pressure of the Radial Agricultural Tyres as the benchmark, as the temperature changes, the Radial Agricultural Tyre pressure slightly changed. For example: Summer should be lower than winter 5%--7%, due to the high temperature in summer, gas heating, volume increased pressure, contrary to the winter must meet the standard pressure or slightly lower.

Rapid start, braking and sharp bends in use will speed up the wear and tear of the Radial Agricultural Tyres, causing the collapse and damage to the bead.

Fast over high and sharp obstacles, easy to cause Radial Agricultural Tyres are cut, burst, stab and other injuries.

Long hours of high-speed driving. According to the Radial Agricultural Tyre own characteristic, with the speed speed, the Radial Agricultural Tyre deformation frequency increases, causes the Radial Agricultural Tyre temperature to rise, causing the wear and damage.

In soft soil traction performance is poor, especially in paddy fields or after rain on the muddy road, very easy to produce skid wear Radial Agricultural Tyres.

Improper front beam adjustment causes tread wear.

Radial Agricultural Tyre in the process of disassembly and maintenance, such as the installation of careless, pry, hurt the Radial Agricultural Tyre ring and rims, or into the inner tube into the front of the Radial Agricultural Tyre mixed with sand, stone and other debris, resulting in Radial Agricultural Tyre damage.

Parking and Radial Agricultural Tyre storage is improper, by the sun exposure, oil erosion, so that Radial Agricultural Tyres corrosion deterioration.

II. Prevention methods.

During the use of Radial Agricultural Tyres, the Radial Agricultural Tyre pressure should be checked frequently and inflated according to the internal pressure of the Radial Agricultural Tyre side.

Starting, turning and braking should not be too fierce, as far as possible to avoid the start of the shift, the clutch, heavy load big throttle high-speed start, turn dead bend and hit the steering wheel, and unnecessary brakes and so on. Because the driving technology is not high, there are many new drivers because of lack of experience, often in the driving frequent emergency braking, often take the emergency start as well as high-speed steering and turn, trap and traction resistance too high, the wheel for a long time skidding, or hastily through obstacles, some will not choose the road and the corresponding speed of travel, These will also affect the life of the tyre.

The speed should be slowed down on uneven roads and in fields such as soybeans and corn.

Speed should be based on the actual situation, as far as possible to avoid long-distance high-speed transport.

In the field of a trap, should try to avoid the wheel in the pit high-speed idling.

Correct the steering system and keep the front beam value correctly to prevent early Radial Agricultural Tyre wear.

When the Radial Agricultural Tyre is disassembled, it should be carried out on the clean ground without the tools of notch and sharp angle. When installing, do not bring the silt into the direction of the pattern.

Do not contaminate the Radial Agricultural Tyres with oleic acid and alkali.

When you are not working for a long time, you should put your car on the roof so that the tyre is not under pressure. In addition, the Radial Agricultural Tyres should be prevented from exposure to the sun. Long-parked locomotives and other machinery, if the Radial Agricultural Tyres are not vacant, especially when the Radial Agricultural Tyre pressure is below the specified value, due to the formation of stable deformation, in individual cases will make the tyre Radial Agricultural Tyre body delamination and fracture, so that the Radial Agricultural Tyre life greatly shortened.

In general, after a certain period of time, the Radial Agricultural Tyres on the left side should swap positions to extend the tyre service life.