Steering Truck Tyre To Ensure The Stability Of Air Pressure In A Timely Manner To Replace

In daily life, many owners will be reminded to timely maintenance of vehicles. To this end, the owners can not help but ask: the maintenance cycle of the vehicle in the end is how much? Maintenance should pay attention to what issues?

The maintenance cycle of the vehicle should be based on the use of the vehicle: some owners of vehicle use is low, the vehicle is not a year mileage. However,Steering Truck Tyre this does not mean that the maintenance of the vehicle once a year is enough. Use a low degree of vehicles, normally speaking, should be maintained in March once. If the vehicle is used very little, and mileage less than five thousand kilometers, you can choose six months for maintenance once.

For the use of a high degree of vehicle owners, it should not be time to divide the maintenance time, as long as the vehicle mileage to achieve the required mileage, it should be maintained. Usually the required mileage is limited to five thousand kilometers, each additional 5,000 kilometers should be timely maintenance.

Maintenance most of the owners pay more attention to the replacement of parts, in the replacement parts, the owner should have their own judgments. For example, the replacement of brake pads, depending on the wear and tear, if there has been a brake effect is poor, the thickness of less than 3mm, should be replaced. In addition, the replacement of oil should also pay attention to, optimistic about the oil model, the production date, beware of shoddy situation. In the replacement of other parts, it should also be the old pieces, new pieces of inspection, to be aware of.

In addition to the replacement of parts, the most important thing is the maintenance of the tire. Compared with other parts, the tire inspection requirements are higher,Steering Truck Tyre the owner should always check the use of Steering Truck Tyre to ensure that the tire pressure stability, in order to obtain the best tire wear conditions, the tire should be timely adjustment. At the same time, when the tire wear is serious, it is necessary to replace in time.